TAP Release Notes 21.04

TAP Studio v21.04 features multiple improvements and enhancements, aiding RPA developers write better automations, with numerous fixes and improvements to the bot development process, as well as a powerful chrome extension that enables full browser automation.

New features

New powerful Chrome Browser Extension

The new version of TAP features a powerful Chrome Extension that extends capabilities. This is fully integrated within the existing computer vision element detection features of TAP Studio, so now you can use the familiar UI level actions directly in browser windows with even greater accuracy and reliability. TAP is able to detect items uniquely across multiple tabs, so the whole process is now seamless.

For added flexibility, you also have the option of interacting with web pages directly, using dedicated Javascript actions, for instant automation and added power.

For web pages that support direct automation, the actions listed above feature instant and reliable ways of automation. Where this is not possible, you can always use the default UI-level actions that are now tightly integrated.

The Chrome plugin is installed automatically when starting TAP Studio for a seamless experience.

Enhanced UI Element Detection

The new TAP Studio release features a new and improved element detection engine, which offers better reliability and speed, for a superior user experience - from selecting UI elements using the UI Browser to the general responsiveness of the bots being executed.

Finding elements using the UI Browser is now extremely “snappy” for all applications and features chrome web element support as well.

Improved performance for TAP Studio and TAP Assistant

Runtimes and services for both platforms have been improved. Starting time for bots has been improved by more than 50%. The workflow execution engine has also received multiple enhancements for running business process logic.

We have improved the performance for multiple Licensing API calls as well as migrated the hosting service inside TAP Studio and TAP Assistant to a TCP binding, which features vastly reduced communication overhead.

Resolved Issues

This release of TAP Studio comes with many fixes and corrections:

  • Bug #177 - resolved an issue where bot licenses might not get released after forcefully stopping automations.

  • Bug #181 - resolved an issue where adding or removing arguments inside of a workflow would not reflect to other workflows before saving.

  • Bug #184 - resolved an issue where saving the solution with no start node could crash TAP Studio

  • Bug #185 - resolved an issue where opening a solution while drilled in (sequence explorer view) could cause an error

  • Bug #187 - resolved an issue overall automation speed due to HTTP communication overhead

  • Bug #197 - resolved an issue where creating a variable with an empty name could cause the associated tooltip to remain open

  • Bug #198 - resolved an issue where UI-level actions could de-maximize some application windows

  • Bug #208 - resolved an issue where setting new sequences as start nodes would not be saved correctly

  • Bug #209 - resolved an issue where dragging actions by the expression view (inside the sequence explorer view) could cause TAP Studio to crash.

  • Bug #215 - resolved an issue where Chrome plugin could not fetch elements correctly when used on pages with multiple iframes

  • Bug #216 - resolved an issue where properties pane would enter an infinite resize-loop for longer property labels

  • Bug #219 - resolved an issue where adding new bots to the TAP Studio local repository would cause the application to crash (when not running as admin)

  • Bug #225 - resolved an issue where starting a Chrome-based automation would fail due to the chrome native process not being started yet.

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