Set Element Text

This action can be used to set text contents for individual HTML elements within the target page directly via the DOM (Document Object Model). This has the advantage of being extremely fast, but is limited to HTML elements that support this (such as input fields).

The specified element's text value will be filled in through the Value field, which is evaluated as an expression.



  • Identifier: indicate a new UI element, or select from the already defined list of selectors.

  • CSS Selector: It is used to "find" (or select) the HTML elements more precisely.

  • URL: The URL link of the page containing the CSS selector.

  • Value: The value or the name of the variable containing the value to be set in the element.


  • Display Name: action display name in your implementation project.

  • Wait Before: number milliseconds robot to wait before executing the action.

  • Wait After: number milliseconds robot to wait until moving to the next action.

  • Abort on Error: True/False.

  • Retry Times: Specifies the number of times to retry an action if it doesn't end successfully. Default value 0 (no retry); Use -1 if you want to retry indefinitely.

Use Case

Potential Use Cases

  • Set important information for elements in web pages (such as filling forms).

  • Changing contents of web pages

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