TAP Release Notes 20.09

TAP Studio Release 20.09 includes new features, bug fixes and quality of life changes.

New features

  • Layout position in landing page added, as elements would previously not reposition correctly when resizing the window
  • Login Screen now remembers previously saved account name
  • Layout for splash screen
  • Added default project location to "%USERPROFILE%\Tailent\TAP Projects"
  • Added icons to Sequence Explorer canvas
  • Local password encryption implemented
  • Licensing is now moved to AWS for better connection times depending on global geo-location of user accessing TAP Studio.

UI and Ease of Use

In order to speed automation development time, various quality of life improvements have been added in this version:
  • Check Control - added Identifier & Action type to canvas. It can now use Activate, Deactivate and Toggle options
  • Click Control action now has Identifier to canvas
  • Click Point action now has added (x ,y) coordinate points to the canvas
  • Deserialize - added Content & Output atributes to canvas
  • Get Cell Value - added default values; description is now Fixed
  • Get Clipboard Text - added Output to canvas
  • Get Email Messages - Identifier added to canvas, default values are now auto-completed and the password field was redone
  • Get Value - added Identifier to canvas
  • HTTP REST Request - added Method to canvas
  • Move Mail Message action's Input variable has changed to variable picker and added to canvas. Password field was redone and the action name was changed to Move Email Message
  • Move to Control action now has Identifier added to the canvas
  • Press Key - added key & modifier to canvas; added default values
  • Select List Item - added Identifier & Select to canvas
  • Save Email Attachment - Identifier added to canvas
  • Set Cell Value - added default values, description is now Fixed
  • Set Clipboard Text - added Value to canvas
  • Set Focus - added Identifier to canvas
  • Set Text - added Identifier to canvas
  • Type Text - Identifier added to canvas and Delay label was fixed
  • Wait for Control - added Identifier to canvas
  • Write to File - added Text to canvas

Resolved Issues

This release of TAP Studio comes with the following fixes:
  • Bug #61 - resolved an issue where deleting a transition from the diagram start node and placing it manually would cause an exception.
  • Bug #62: resolved an issue where saving a solution without a start node would cause an exception.
  • Bug #63: resolved an issue where Closing/Opening a solution or logging out would not clear debug console contents.
  • Bug #64: resolved an issue where specifc login attempts were causing TAP Studio to quit unexpectedly.
  • Bug #65: resolved an issue with Sleep action that was limited to a Int16/short value. Limit has been raised to Int32.
  • Bug #66: resolved an issue with Show Message Box action with an updated WPF component.
  • Bug #67: resolved an issue where an incorrect layout for control identifier picker in canvas might be rendered.
  • Bug #68: resolved an issue where UI Browser was not receiveing focus after selecting a specific control.
  • Bug #69: resolved an issue where logging out would cause the main window titlebar text to stack.
  • Bug #70: resolved an issue where logging out or closing the current solution would not clear the toolbox search filter.
  • Bug #71: resolved an issue where the TAP Assistant icon was not properly embedded as a resource file.
  • Bug #72: resolved an issue related to a missing H_KEY local user TAP_AUTH key would prohibit TAP Studio to start.