How to Open an Existing Automation Project in TAP Studio

There are 2 possible ways to open an existing automation project in TAP Studio:

1. Open Automation button from the ribbon menu.

Click on the button "OpenAutomation" from the ribbon menu, under the Design tab.

This button is available either from the home page, either when another automation project is already open.

2. The "Open" button from the canvas.

Once you launch TAP Studio and log in, the following home page will appear.

Click on the button "Open" from the canvas.

Important: this option is available only when you open the TAP Studio.

In both ways, an Open window will pop up in order to set the path and the automation project, having the .tap extension, to be open.

The Open window is set by default on the folder "TAP Studio" under Documents.

The Open window is set by default to display only .tap files, because it is the only file type that TAP Studio can open

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