TAP Assistant
TAP Assistant is an application that allows you to run attended automation projects easily.

How to open TAP Assistant

Go to the folder where TAP Studio and TAP Assistant was installed (by default, the path is C:\Program Files (x86)\TAP Studio\Tailent), and double-click on TAP Assistant.exe
Go to System Tray and click on the TAP Assistant icon.
... and the application will open.
If you don't want to repeat these steps every time you open your station, activate the setting "Launch on Windows startup", like in the example below.

How to add an automation project in TAP Assistant

If you want to add a new automation project in TAP Assistant, click on the Plus button (see the screenshot below)
and an Open window will be displayed in order to allow you to select the .tap file you are looking for.

How to remove an automation project from TAP Assistant

If you want to remove an automation project from TAP Assistant, select the project and press on the Trash Button (see the screenshot below).

How to Log In with a different account in TAP Assistant

Click on the button below and then click "Sign Out"
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