Extract Text

This action retrieves a text (string variable) relative to a defined anchor.



  • Anchor Image: the target anchor image.


  • Output: the name of the variable used to store the result.

Anchor Detection

  • Anchor Threshold: the default anchor detection threshold.

It needs to be a decimal value ranged between 0.01 and 1. Lower means that the anchor visual matching will be less strict.

  • X Offset: the X-axis (horizontal) offset in pixels, relative to the anchor.

  • Y Offset: the Y-axis (vertical) offset in pixels, relative to the anchor.

  • Capture Width: the width of the capture rectangle, in pixels.

  • Height: the height of the capture rectangle, in pixels.

  • Highlighting: Specifies if the target anchor/capture rectangle should be highlighted.

OCR Engine

  • Engine: the OCR engine that will be used in text extraction.

  • Engine Mode: the desired OCR engine mode.

  • Segmentation Mode: the page segmentation mode, supporting the following options:

    • Automatic

    • SingleColumn

    • SingleLine

    • SingleWord

    • SingleCharacter

    • RawLine

  • Language: the language training pack to be used in the OCR process.

  • Whitelist Chars: a list of all chars that will be whitelisted by the OCR engine.

  • Blacklist Chars: a list of all chars that will be blacklisted by the OCR engine.

  • OCR Template

  • Scale: Scaling parameter used for scaling up the input bitmap. In some cases, this can increase OCR accuracy.

Needs to be a decimal value over 1.

  • Invert: Specifies if the input bitmap should be inverted prior to text extraction.


  • Display Name: action display name in your implementation project

  • Wait Before: number milliseconds robot to wait before executing the action.

  • Wait After: number milliseconds robot to wait until moving to the next action.

  • Abort on Error: True/False

  • Retry Times: Specifies the number of times to retry an action if it doesn't end successfully. Default value 0 (no retry); Use -1 if you want to retry indefinitely.

Use Case

Potential Use Cases

  • Get accounting information from an invoice (e.g. invoice number, date, due date, supplier name, untaxed amount, VAT amount, total amount, currency etc.)

  • Get the VAT tax applied in a receipt

  • Get the customer name from a contract

Examples of Using Extract Text


In this use case, the robot will set focus on an invoice, extract the open balance and write it in the console.

Prerequisites: download the attached invoice.

Watch the robot in action:

You can see how Extract Text activity is used in an example that incorporates multiple activities. You can check and download the example from here:

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