TAP Release Notes 24.01

TAP Studio v24.1 features multiple improvements and enhancements, aiding RPA developers write better automations, with numerous fixes and improvements to the bot development process, including over 20 new actions that handle application synchronization, Excel & CSV manipulation, archiving and scripting enhancements.

New features

Excel Actions

TAP Studio now supports interacting with excel files (both xlsx and legacy xls formats) with a wide range of actions. Integration is done via the .NET DataTable object, for seamless data extraction and manipulation.

Users can now add, remove, filter and format data in excel files with easy to use, intuitive pre-built actions:

  • Reading table actions

  • Writing table actions

  • Inserting rows/columns

  • Formatting ranges

  • Inserting/deleting/renaming sheets

  • Autofill

  • Address conversion (A1 -> R1C1)

CSV Actions

Along with the pre-built Excel Actions presented previously, TAP now also supports interacting with CSV files. Full support is offered with a wide range of delimiters and data encoding, allowing users to write, read or append to existing CSV files.

Additional UI Control Actions

TAP Studio now offers a couple of new actions aimed at UI interaction: users now have the option to both retrieve and set the state of windows (minimized, maximized or normal). Additionally, they have two extra actions aimed at UI synchronization:

  • If Control Exists (check to see if a particular control exists and stores the result)

  • Wait for Control to Disappear (synchronizes the current context to wait for a particular UI element to disappear)

Support for running multiple TAP Studio instances

Users can now run multiple concurrent TAP Studio sessions, aimed at offering more flexibility for the more advanced RPA developers. This change also includes automatic port scanning for the built-in WCF service that is used to communicate with running bots, so if a particular port was being used by another service, TAP Studio will automatically look for an available new port.

Zipping and Unzipping

TAP Studio now offers built-in, flexible zipping and unzipping actions that users can use to create new archives or interact with existing ones.

Scripting enhancements

TAP Studio now offers multiple scripting enhancement, with full support for and additional scripting utilities. Users can now use the Tailent.Control.ControlExists method to assess if a particular control exists (both in transitions and custom code segments).

Resolved Issues

This release of TAP Studio comes with many fixes and corrections:

  • Issue #387 - fixed issue where arguments were sometimes were not accessible from within C# Script actions.

  • Issue #388 - fixed issue where direct argument assignment would fail when not initialized.

  • Issue #420 - fixed issue where changing invoke workflow params using expression editors would sometimes crash TAP Studio.

  • Issue #445 - fixed issue where running TAP Assistant concurrently under different users would cause issues within the Tailent Browser Extension.

  • Issue #451 - fixed issue where running a C# Script action prior to an HTTP Rest Request action would cause a bot runtime error.

  • Issue #452 - fixed issue where running a C# Script action without initializing the script code via the Property Pane would cause a bot runtime error.

  • Issue #455 - fixed issue where intelliprompt would sometimes select the wrong properties while using the TAP built-in code editor.

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