Configuring Proxy Servers

TAP components require an active internet connection in order to run. In more advanced IT environments where local HTTP proxies are configured and running, you will need to make certain configuration changes in order to allow HTTP/HTTPS communication to the underlying public TAP Licensing APIs (all components requied access to These configuration changes target the standard .NET Network Settings:

The following TAP Configuration files will need to be targeted:

  • TAP Assistant.exe.config

  • TAP Studio.exe.config

  • TAP.Runtime.exe.config

Each of the files mentioned above are configuration files for their respective components, in XML format. You will need to add the following XML tag to each of the modules you are targeting:

  <proxy enabled="false" useDefaultCredentials="false" />

This example bypasses the web proxy usage, but you might need to change it according to your environment. Some setups might require specifying the proxyaddress attribute under the <proxy> tag.

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