Move to Control
This activity positions the mouse cursor over a certain control.
Move to Control can be used only if the robot has direct access to the application’s controls. Otherwise, use the Move Mouse activity.



    Identifier: indicate a new UI element, or select from the already defined list of selectors..


    Display Name: action display name in your implementation project
    Wait Before: number milliseconds robot to wait before executing the action.
    Wait After: number milliseconds robot to wait until moving to the next action.
    Abort on Error: True/False
    Retry Times: Specifies the number of times to retry an action if it doesn't end successfully. Default value 0 (no retry); Use -1 if you want to retry indefinitely.

Use Case

Potential Use Cases

    Move the mouse cursor to an application icon
    Move the mouse cursor to a button in order to use an Enter keystroke to press that button
    Use a click and then move the cursor to the end of an application to scroll down.

Examples of Using Move Cursor to Control

In this example, the robot will move the mouse cursor from its initial location to the main drop-down list:
Set up a Wave account.
Watch the robot in action:
You can see how the Move to Control activity is used in an example that incorporates multiple activities. You can check and download the example from here:
Move to
Move to Control sample project
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