User Input Dialog

This action allows the users to input a value to a dialog window, a value that can be assigned to a variable.



  • Message: the message that will be displayed in the input dialog box

  • Title: set a title to the input dialog box

  • Is Password:

    • True: the value input by the user is a password

    • False: the value input by the user is NOT a password


  • Output: name of the variable used to store the user's input.


  • Display Name: action display name in your implementation project

  • Wait Before: number milliseconds robot to wait before executing the action.

  • Wait After: number milliseconds robot to wait until moving to the next action.

  • Abort on Error: True/False

  • Retry Times: Specifies the number of times to retry an action if it doesn't end successfully. Default value 0 (no retry); Use -1 if you want to retry indefinitely.

Use Case

Potential Use Cases

  • Input the password of an Excel file to be open during the automation project.

  • Input the day for which a report must be generated.

  • Input the customer name for which an update will be performed.

Examples of using User Input Dialog

Please see the video below that exemplifies the usage of the User Input Dialog activity.

You can see how the User Input Dialog activity is used in an example that incorporates multiple activities. You can check and download the example from here:

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