Basic Scheduling

You can set up basic scheduling for your robots on individual machines using the Windows integrated Task Scheduler.

Creating a Task

In the Task Scheduler, in the right panel click Create Task.

General Panel

Make sure to have:
  • Name: The name of the task;
  • Run only when the user is logged in;
  • Run with the highest privileges;
  • Configured for: the machine's operating system, for this example it would be Windows 10;

Triggers panel

In the triggers panel you can set-up the frequency with which the robot starts based on the displayed rules.
  • It can be triggered: only one time, daily, weekly or monthly;
  • It can recur every N number of days;
  • Advanced settings: Repeating the trigger every hour, stopping the robot if it lasts longer than N hours.

Action Panel

  • Program/Script: The path to where TAP Assistant is located. Press Browse for an easier way to navigate.
  • Add arguments: The path to the .tap file that contains the robot due to be scheduled.
  • Start in: This field cand be left empty.
*Note: the paths should be written between double quotes. E.g: "C:\path\example.tap"

Potential Usecases:

Scheduling a robot to automatically run every Monday to process bank statements.
Scheduling a robot to run every hour and check email imboxes for new invoices in order to process them if any are found.
Scheduling a robot to send updates to the clients with updates every day/week.