TAP Frequenty Asked Questions

Why does TAP Studio not find elements in my Chrome browser?

The browser need to have the TAP plugin installed and it usually installs it automatically. In case something happens and it fails to install it you can install it manually at the following link: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/tailent-automation/oplplnopncdadfondhhcobhifmnjjlkn

Why does my robot not start Adobe Acrobat?

Adobe acrobat has a setting of security that prevents automations unless a certain checkbox is unchecked.

This setting cand be found in Edit -> Preferences -> Security(Enhanced) -> Enable Protected View at Startup

How can I stop a robot during execution?

If you want to stop a robot while it’s working, you can press Ctrl + Z, and it will force stop the robot.

When to use Click Element and Click Control in a browser window?

Even though you can use Click Control in a Chrome browser window, it is recommended to use Click Element whenever possible. The advantage is that Click Element has the capabilities of Click Control plus you can use CSS selectors to better identify the said element.

How can I use CSS selectors?

You can get a CSS selector by inspecting the element (right-click on the element and inspect) and from there right click on the selected line of html code -> press copy on the dropdown -> copy CSS selector. After copying it you can paste the selector in the Click Element action (Css selector field) without setting an identifier. The next step is to paste the url of the page (in the URL field of the action) and test it.

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