TAP Release Notes 21.06

Tailent Automation Platform v21.6 brings a whole new dimension of automation with a fully reworked UI. This makes building automations so much easier thanks to its redesigned interface and new features. The platform has an updated experience, not just in terms of UI elements, but actually with new capabilities and a streamlined UX that makes RPA even more accessible.

The new look is modern, streamlined and designed to present information in the most efficient and easy to use manner.

New features

Redesigned UI for incredible user experience

The whole user interface of TAP Studio and TAP Assistant has been redesigned from the ground up to offer the best possible user experience for developers. It has been designed to present information in a friendly manner, while retaining maximum flexibility and power.

Darker, better, faster, bolder

The new UI comes with a more developer-friendly and overall streamlined interface. We took a close look at every component individually and in relation to each other and optimized the UX and UI so that you have a fast, intuitive experience of creating, testing and running SkilledBots. All this, with respect to the flows and layouts you are already used to or expect from a state-of-the-art RPA platform. Our UI reshape was not about changing, but about evolving.

Diagram View (with advanced drag & drop functionality)

The new diagram view displays automations in a new, modern style. It’s now easier to identify actions, sequences and actions inside your workflows. The color scheme also allows users to quickly identify relevant aspects and actionable items, while reducing eye strain.

Various functional improvements have also been added to the diagram view:

  • Accurate zoom using CTRL + Mouse Wheel now zooms and centers the view on the cursor position, allowing quick and easy navigation

  • Fast and easy panning is done by either dragging the mouse and holding down the right mouse button, or by using SHIFT + Mouse Wheel for horizontal navigation and Mouse Wheel for vertical panning.

  • Advanced drag&drop now allows you to add actions to sequences at precisely the point you want; users can now reorder all the actions without needing to drill down into the sequence view.

  • Moving actions between sequences is now achieved by dragging actions from one sequence to another.

Window Ribbon

The window ribbon has been reworked to provide a pleasant navigation experience, with clear and visually aesthetically pleasing effects.

Properties Pane

Properties are now presented in a sleek, modern design, making it easier than ever to pinpoint and change properties for individual entities.

Improved Action Toolbox

The toolbox now features clear segmentation and delimiters for groups of actions, making it easy to quickly identify the actions needed for your automation use case.

All action icons have also been retouched to provide a better look and feel as well as enable quicker and more consistent selection of actions.

TAP™ Assistant

The TAP™ Assistant interface was redesigned in line with the rest of the Tailent Automation Platform components to be as simple to use as possible. It's all handy to organize and execute automation workflows - start, stop automations, add bots or simply remove them from your team.

Quality of Life Improvements

Automatic zooming and centering on the Start Node

This is done by using the Reset View button on the diagram control, which sets the default zoom level and centers the view on the Start Node, making it easier for users to navigate the workflow.

Pick up where you left

Saving a solution now saves the position and zoom level for each individual diagram. This allows you to pick off designing workflows exactly where you left off.

Friendly Welcome Screen

The new welcome screen provides a friendly user experience and allows users to quickly start automating.

Debug Console Enhancements

The new Debug Console features a vastly improved log of your automations at run time, with color coding and timestamps, allowing you to quickly identify relevant messages.

Improved Code Editor

The new and improved Code Editor is now displayed as a tab within the main docksite.

This makes it easier than ever to manipulate multiple code snippets at a time, without having to deal with pesky modal dialogs. The new visual style with syntax highlighting also makes it easier to identify keywords and variables and write clean, consistent code.

The Error List pane pops up automatically when switching to a code editor tab, allowing seamless highlighting of any syntax errors.

UI Browser

The UI Browser is now easier to read and operate thanks to a UI/UX rework. The control identification process has also been improved to allow for easier and more consistent selection of UI Controls within your target applications.

Resolved Issues

This release of TAP Studio comes with many fixes and corrections:

  • Bug #355,310 - Fixed issue where confirmation dialogs would be displayed under certain windows

  • Bug #347 - Fixed issue where using arrays of List<Object> types would cause some expressions to fail during evaluation

  • Bug #343 - Fixed issue where clicking the expression view section within the properties pane would cause the value to be erased

  • Bug #353 - Fixed issue where some older version projects would not load correctly

  • Bug #341 - Fixed issue where deleting a sequence linked to the start node would save correctly

  • Bug #334 - Fixed issue where dragging a sequence or invoke workflow block onto an action would sometimes cause TAP Studio to crash

  • Bug #306 - Vastly improved layout and visual performance of the arguments and variables pane, where previously they would get stuck in an endless resizing loop.

  • Bug #308 - Fixed a solution explorer artefact when signing out.

  • Bug #336 - Fixed a bug where deleting a sequence would not delete all attached transitions

  • Bug #340 - Fixed an issue where variable names would remain white in the IntelliPrompt

  • Bug #305 - Fixed an issue where the IntelliPrompt popup would not work correctly when injected dynamically

  • Bug #304 - Fixed a visual artefact affecting expression views within Invoke blocks

  • Bug #299 - Fixed issue where moving a sequence after deleting a workflow would crash TAP Studio

  • Bug #316 - Fixed issue affecting scrolling within the diagram view

  • Bug #317 - Fixed issue where sequence coordinates would be displayed using too many decimal places

  • Bug #257 - Fixed issue where visual artefacts would appear when pressing TAB twice while holding focus in the properties pane

  • Bug #309 - Fixed issue where pressing ALT would display an empty gray rectangle within the ribbon zone

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