TAP Release Notes 21.10

Tailent Automation Platform v21.10 extends the previously updated UI with more quality of life improvements as well as multiple fixes. The most notable addition is the new copy&paste functionality that allows users to quickly duplicate and reuse automation logic - which is tone with our mantra of automation through reusability.

New features

Copy & Paste functionality

TAP Studio now offers support for copy and pasting elements within your automation diagrams. This feature is really flexible as it supports copying and pasting elements that have intricate relationships and parameters. Virtually any entity or collection of entities (through multiple item selection) can be copied and pasted:

  • Complete sequences - all actions will be replicated accurately down to every parameter value

  • Transitions - selecting multiple sequences as well as transitions between them can be easily copied.

  • Invoke Blocks - workflow invocation blocks can also be copied and pasted.

Relationships between sequences and invoke blocks are preserved as shown in the picture ve. abo

The windows clipboard system is used for storing action data, which is serialized in plain text format. This makes it easy for users to quickly copy and paste between automation solutions or workflows and also allows for easy sharing of action data online (email, ticketing systems, email, instant messaging etc.).

Performance and stability improvements

In our quest to offer TAP users the best possible experience, we have included multiple performance and stability enhancements, ranging from Bot execution performance (startup and workflow running times) and TAP Studio quicker load times to enhanced stability for both

Resolved Issues

This release of TAP Studio comes with many fixes and corrections:

  • Bug #303 - Fixed issues where sorting variables within TAP Studio would cause subsequent variables to not be saved correctly.

  • Bug #358 - Fixed an issue where multiple instances of TAP Studio could be opened at the same time, causing problems within the internal WCF communication systems.

  • Bug #360 - Fixed styling issue for UI Browser deletion confirmation dialog.

  • Bug #369 - Fixed styling issue for Generate Code Starter and Validate Code dialog boxes.

  • Bug #372 - Fixed various copy/pasting issues for following actions: Get HTML, Deserialize, Wait for Page, Save Email Attachment, Get Clipboard Text, Get HTML Element

  • Bug #373 - Fixed an issue where pasting a sequence within a solution would trigger an automatic save of that particular solution.

  • Bug #374 - Fixed an intermittent issue where copying and pasting multiple sequences and transitions would create multiple unwanted copies of the same entities.

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