TAP Release Notes 20.11

TAP Studio Release 20.11 includes new features, bug fixes and quality of life changes.

New features

  • Window Manager is now available with better user experience and it includes support for uncommon resolutions as well as multi-monitor setups.

  • Fuzzy String Matching helper class with scripting support added

  • Actipro controls updated to v687

  • Control Identifier pickers now allow empty selection

  • Display Name attribute added to actions, allowing quick and easy descriptive renaming

  • Key selection dropdown options now available for Press Key action

  • Toolbox Action/Sequence adding items can now be added easier by just double clicking them in the toolbox. Actions will be added in the previously selected Sequence

  • Actions can now be selected from the high-level diagram view

  • Executable files are now digitally signed for improved security

UI and Ease of Use Improvements

  • Choose File Dialog action was added

  • Choose Folder Dialog action was added

  • User Input Dialog action was added

  • Write To Console action was added

  • Word Replace action added for replacing text in MS Word formatted documents

  • Select Point widget added (to be used with Click Point and similar actions) for quicker and easier point selection

  • Hit RETURN key option added after every Type Text action

Resolved Issues

This release of TAP Studio comes with the following fixes:

  • Bug #73: fixed an issue with the File Move action that not working correctly

  • Bug #74: fixed an issue that allowed for multiple TAP Assistant instances to be started

  • Bug #75: fixed a performance issue where UI Browser could become unresponsive on some systems

  • Bug #76: fixed an UI issue where double clicking sequences from the toolbox with another sequence selected would not work properly and could force TAP Studio to quit unexpectedly

  • Bug #82: fixed an issue where UI Browser highlighted elements incorrectly when DPI scalling was activated. Issue was also affecting TAP Studio main window scalling performance.

  • Bug #83: fixed an issue where UI Browser selection would not work as expected while using Windows Server 2012 R2.

  • Bug #84: fixed an issue with the Start Process action that was not working reliably with absolute paths

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